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Commercial & Residential Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair Serving Central Florida, South Florida & The Caribbean Since 1992.

Make Sure Your Leak Detector Has A State License That Looks Like This One:
Lic # CPC1458547

 It is against Florida State Law to conduct swimming pool repairs without a Certified Pool Contractor's License.


Basic Swimming Pool (No Extras) $300.00
Swimming Pool/Spa Combo (No Extras) $400.00
Basic Spa (No Extras) $300.00
*Basic swimming pool leak detection includes 1 skimmer, 1 light, and 2 main drains.

Extras Include:

Skimmers, lights and main drains $25.00 each
In –floor cleaning systems $100.00 (Includes 10 cleaner heads)
Additional cleaner heads $10.00 each
Fountain or waterfalls $50.00 & up


Basic Commercial Pool $750.00
Basic Commercial Spa $500.00

Basic Commercial swimming pool leak detection includes 10 wall or floor returns “jets”, 10 perimeter overflow gutters “scum gutters”, 1 light and 1 main drain. Each additional jet, gutter light or main drain is $25.00 each.

*The prices listed above reflect the cost of the leak detection only and do not include the cost of repairs.


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The Original Electronic Leak Detection Company Serving Central Florida, South Florida and the Caribbean Since 1992.

Ace Leak Detection, Inc. will quickly identify swimming pool, spa and fountain leaks with pinpoint accuracy using the most sophisticated technology the industry has to offer.

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Are adding more than 1/2 inch of water to your swimming pool per week. Ace Leak Detection Inc. will save you MONEY in water and chemical consumption.